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2701 Little Elm Parkway Suite 100 #506
Little Elm, TX, 75068
United States


Welcome to 'Jordyn's Closet+Kids Like Cute'...  

Visit Jordyn's Closet, offering the cutest AFFORDABLE brand name 2nd hand fashions with first class service! Take a trip to the Kids Like Cute creative, one of a kind, hand made collection! You'll be amazed by their unique jewelry, crafts, art and much more!


A Glimpse of All of Us!

Take a look inside the lives of Kyla, Mya, and, Jordyn London and find out what's new, fresh, and SUPER COOL from their point of view!

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Getting to Know Kyla, Lamya, and Little Miss Jordyn London!

Ketra Richmond

Hey Everyone! Thank you for stopping by and taking time to get to know these young, AMAZING, entrepreneurs better! 

We look forward to having you all on this creative and stylish journey. 

Kids like cute... Lets first start out by introducing 12 year old twin Creative SENSATIONS... Kyla Abrina & Lamya Kennedi.                                                                                                                  At the sweet age of 5, Lamya and Kyla began creating their handmade goodies. At the young age of 7, they decided to begin creating stickers, squishies, and ink pens dressed in flower decor for their 1st grade class to purchase and enjoy. After seeing how much of a success their items were to their peers, they personally decided to create their own company... and call it 'Girls Like Cute'.                                                                                                                               As the girls began writing down their business plans in their handmade notebooks, they almost instantly found a bit of a problem. "BOYS LIKE OUR STUFF TOO... Hmmmm...We'll Just Call it Kids Like Cute!".  After adjusting this minor issue they continued on their way to design more cute, and fun items for their friends, fans, and family.                                                                     In 2015, the twins decided to take their business up a notch and make their company official!! The two became Sole Proprietors of their very own company, and almost instantly began showcasing their beautiful items at local pop-up shops and even stole the show at a local launch party for J. London Boutique! These ladies receive rave reviews on the regular for their well thought out, and very unique creations!                                                                                       Now, at the age of 12, and nearing their teenage years the girls style, influence, and inspiration comes from many sources and has matured in a big way. While keeping up with the latest fashion trends, a few things have definitely remained the same...  and that is the amount of love, care, and unique twist that they put on any piece they create!                                      Whether is be in the form of a handmade backpack, or T-shirt jean jacket (YES THIS IS A REAL THING) they make sure to give it their absolute all!! Every item these ladies have created are one of a kind and in a sense... kind of magical in its own way.

Jordyn's Closet... Next up! Allow us to introduce you to the sassiest, craziest, and sweetest free spirit we've ever met. Miss Jordyn London at the tender age of 6 years old manages the tasks of modeling, shopping, and providing creative direction for her personal brand 'Jordyn's Closet'.                                                                                                                                            Inspired by her mother, who currently runs an online boutique of her own, Jordyn was determined to have her own (business). Jordyn explained that she wanted her own boutique so that she could have clothes for little kids her size. Understanding of her wishes.. in 2015 at the age of 4, and barely out of her toddler years, Jordyn's support team helped her to gain Sole Proprietorship over her very own company.                                                                             Jordyn's  DYNAMIC personality and witt definitely SHINE throughout her entire collection. Her input and keen eye have provided a major impact throughout the styling of her brand. This little lady absolutely commands any room she enters!

We suggest everyone take a good look at these ladies today, get a GOOD LOOK, because they dynamic little ladies will be taking over in the very near future!